Meet Dr. Kuan

Dr. Edward Kuan

Rhinology, Sinus and Skull Base Surgery, Allergy, Nose and Sinus Disorders

Dr. Edward Kuan is a board-certified UCI Health otolaryngologist who specializes in treating medical and surgical disorders of the nose, sinuses, and skull base. His clinical practice focuses on complex and revision sinus surgery for difficult and challenging sinusitis and endoscopic surgical treatment of sinonasal tumors and skull base disease. He is actively involved in the multidisciplinary skull base tumor program.

Dr. Kuan earned his medical degree from UCI School of Medicine. He completed residency training in otolaryngology at UCLA, followed by a fellowship in rhinology and skull base surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

In addition, Dr. Kuan is actively involved in research centered on bioengineering applications in otolaryngology, as well as clinical outcomes of sinus and skull base surgery.

He sees patients at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange and at UCI Health — Tustin. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

  • Rhinology
  • Sinus and Skull Base Surgery
  • Allergies
  • Nose and Sinus Disorders
  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese

UCI Medical Center – Orange
101 The City Drive South
Pavilion II
Orange, CA 92868

UCI Health – Irvine
250 E. Yale Loop
Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92604

  • Assistant Clinical Professor


Edward Kuan, MD | UCI Head & Neck
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since the very beginning when I met Dr, Kwan I heard his warm, trusting words about my surgery. Then he started to tell me the expected complications from the surgery, and I loughs inside telling him not with a surgeon like you Dr, Kwan. I’m less than to judge him and his team professionally, but he did his best to do a successful surgery for me. Thank you Dr, Kwan, and thanks for his team.
Dr Kuan was on my surgical team for two pituitary surgeries. He's an excellent doctor! I was especially impressed when he called my personal cell phone when I had a post op complication that wasn't to do with his portion of the surgery. He heard I was in the ER and wanted to check I was ok and getting good care. Dr Kuan is always kind and throughly explains the procedure. If you're having a Pituitary surgery you defiantly want Dr Kuan on your team.
Dr. Kuan simply is a phenomenal doctor. He is patient, kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to any family or friend.
He's the best of the best - literally! He is brilliant and provides the best solutions. I've had chronic sinus issues all of my life and he was able to problem solve and address each issue! So very thankful to have found him! He is extremely professional and provides excellent care. I cannot recommend him enough!
Unfortunately not only do their physicians treat you like a number, but they charge you for anything they can. I was recently seen by their ENT Dr. Edward Kuan about a problem with the nasal swabbing in one nostril, not that big of a deal, but I wanted to get it checked out. Well, Dr. Kuan saw it was a deviated septum immediately, said oh I see your problem, then refused to tell me what it was until he did a “simple procedure just to be sure”. I asked about the procedure and why he needed to do it, but he brushed it off and said I had to get it even though I said I didn’t want a procedure done. Well, he ends up doing a very invasive procedure, an endoscopy, where he numbed my sinuses and throat, then shoved the cord up my nose only to say it was a deviated septum “like I suspected but had to be sure”. He then promptly left the room wand just said to come back if I have any other problems. A few months later, I receive the bill where they charged me over $900 for that medically unnecessary procedure, which went against my patient autonomy, and also charged over $700 for me to simply walk in their office.Oh! And when I tried appealing it, UCI said the doctor was within his rights to withhold my medical information from me until doing this procedure then when I tried appealing with my insurance company, they refused to put my account on hold to give the appeal time to be processed and sent the bill to a debt collector instead. And this was only my most recent encounter with UCI - I’ve had other bad encounters with other facilities and specialists of UCI.I share this very negative story not because this helps me at all, but because if you have a choice, find another provider. UCI is a business and they will treat you as such if you give them a chance. It’s sick how they’ve treated me and so many more.
My husband was referred to Dr. Edward Kuan by another ENT who was unable to treat his condition. We could not be more lucky and fortunate to have Dr. Kuan as his doctor who is treating him for his nasopharyngeal and sinus cancer. Dr. Kuan is the consummate professional, caring, extremely thorough with the most excellent bedside manner. He explains all options to my husband and I, orders the necessary tests and procedures and never has my husband waiting, sometimes asking him to come for an appointment outside his normal office hours so he can follow up and treat him as necessary. We live quite far, but we don't mind the drive down to Orange as my husband will be in the most competent hands. His office is clean, parking at UC Irvine is convenient with validation and his staff is very kind and exceptional in caring for my husband when he has an appointment in the clinic and through telephone communications . We could not recommend Dr. Kuan more highly and thank him for the treatment my husband is receiving from him during this difficult time.
I went to 2 E.N.T. because I couldn’t breath from my nose. One doctor told me that it’s probably allergies and the other said that I have a deviated septum and some scar tissues.When I saw Dr. Kuan he discovered that I had a large mass inside my right nostril growing into the left nostril and into my sinuses. Dr. Kuan performed surgery and removed a five centimeters mass without causing any nerve damage since it was in a very sensitive location. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Now I can breath. Thank you Dr. Kuan. The very best E.N.T.
Don't suffer from nasal problems. If you're dealing with miserable nose and sinus issues get to Dr. Kuan asap. I suffered for a very long time. My first visit to an ENT Specialist resulted in shrinking polyps in my sinuses. That helped for awhile but as we all know, they regrow and you must repeat the process.I wasn't 100% pleased with my first ENT and eventually found another about 3 years ago. They made me feel like they were more interested in upselling me on services than just fixing my problem. So I postponed until I couldn't stand my progressively worsening sinuses any longer. I did online research and checked with my GP who has another patient who had just been fixed by Dr. Kuan so I went to see him.Immediately Dr. Kuan and his staff made me believe they were very good at their specialty and on top of managing my health. Their follow up is timely and professional and Dr. Kuan explains all issues and options thoroughly.I finally had sinus surgery including septoplasty. I can't even remember when I could breathe so freely and such volume of air. This so far has been a quality of life changing procedure and I'm earnestly grateful for everything Dr. Kuan and his staff and the other doctors who attended my surgery have done to restore my ability to breathe normally.
This doctor agreed to see me after the UCI scheduling department totally messed up my appointment with a different doc. Dr Kuan stepped in and turned a terrible situation into a blessing. Kuan is an outstanding ENT specialist---not only did he address the issue, but he taught me things I did not know. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and caring. I am so happy that a scheduling fiasco ended with my seeing Dr. Kuan. A real stroke of luck.
Dr. Kuan is fantastic. I have seen many doctors and specialists over the last month and I think he was the most friendly and competent. He took time to explain, did not rush in any way, and listened to my needs and concerns attentively. I would highly recommend Dr. Kuan to anyone needing excellent care.